AOR2 (Educational Series)
LABOR DAY 2021 AOR2 (Educational Series)
  • Season 2
  • 13+
  • Educational, Business
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Season 2 of AOR brings incredible executives from powerhouse brands like the NBA, Starbucks and Spotify (to name a few). Watch as they share their insider knowledge on business and leading teams. Take a seat, you’re about to get schooled… again.

Episodes | Art of Recruiting, The Art of Storytelling

Season 2

Episode 1

Torin Ellis is known for his bold, raw and moving storytelling. Our first episode focuses on how to master the ability of building a narrative and telling a story.

Episode 2

Diversity, equity and inclusion take center stage for episode two. Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer of the Atlanta Hawks shares her experience and insights into how to successfully build diversity into your talent attraction initiatives.

Episode 3

It’s not always positive storytelling and rainbows. The art and science behind talent attraction has it’s dark side too. Top advisor to some of the world’s largest and most renowned brands gives you an inside look into the less talked about aspects of talent attraction.

Episode 4

Nzinga Shaw didn’t get to where she is by playing it safe. Nzinga challenges the panel and you the viewer to grow and evolve past where we are today, and lean into what we could be tomorrow.

Episode 5

You can’t be a boss without making power moves - enter Viacom’s Talent Aquisition leader. He directly speaks to how the landscape has shifted and how Viacom has not followed but lead the charge by making powerful decisions and moves, and urges everyone to do the same.

Episode 6

We’ve heard about the importance of storytelling, of building a community and nurturing engagement, but we’ve never quite heard it put like this. Leave it to a power player from New York to really nail the importance of understanding your narrative and being able to share it.

Episode 7

Blake Moser is a commanding presence in the healthcare world. He’s brilliant and has built some of the most competitive and best teams in healthcare. Blake shares his years of experience with us.

Episode 8

Finally, as we started we will also end. Torin Ellis closes out season two with a challenge - one which will change the way you attract talent and scale your business.