HR: Inside Technology (Educational Micro-Series)
LABOR DAY 2021 HR: Inside Technology (Educational Micro-Series)
  • Season 1
  • 17+
  • Educational Micro-Series
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Learn how to get the best of both worlds with our HR Insider series. Understand how to best utilize tech to get the most out of your teams and growth plans.

Episodes | HR INSIDER

Season 1

Episode 1

How does the NFL engage people? Sit with Roger Stanton as he dives into how to build engagement that makes an impact.

Episode 2

Startup is a term we’ve come to know well, it’s a constant in the business world. But how do you know which ones to watch? Which ones are going to make the biggest impact? Here’s the 411 on everything you need to know about startups in HR.

Episode 3

Careerbuilder has over 3,000 employees and holds the largest market share of online career sites. In this episode, the CIO of Careerbuilder shares all of his insights and knowledge.

Episode 4

HireVue, an online video interviewing software and pre-employment assessment platform uses AI and validated IO psychology to get the best talent, faster. Founder, Mark Newman shares a few laughs about the world of technology, and how AI can be a great asset in building a strong team.

Episode 5

Talent attraction boils down to one very important thing, engagement. How can you as an organization engage the right people and attract them to you? Lindsey Stanton dives into what it really takes to engage and what she sees in the future of human engagement.

Episode 6

Phil Hendrickson talks about tools and how to leverage them to connect. In particular, he shares insights into how to properly take advantage of mobile to connect with talent. Learn about what’s working on mobile and what’s not.

Episode 7

Let’s talk about strategy. Chief Strategy Officer of Careerbuilder discusses how having the right strategy will make or break your talent attraction efforts, and how to make sure you build the right one for your organization.

Episode 8

A strong employer brand is built from an authentic and strong employer value proper proposition. Former CMO of Broadbean US, shares her wisdom on what technology is working for her as she builds brands and how you can best use technology to help establish a strong EVP.

Episode 9

People technology - sounds like a crazy combination, but if used correctly it can exponentially impact your talent attraction efforts. Get the ins and outs of people tech from Steve.

Episode 10

The former CMO of Careerbuild the largest job search platform joins the conversation around branding and marketing, and how to best establish yours to attract talent.