Reign of the Bosses (Reality/Doc))
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LABOR DAY 2021 Reign of the Bosses (Reality/Doc))
  • Season 1
  • 17+
  • Reality/Doc, Business
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Boss status. Everyone wants it, but what does it take to be a boss? Three competitive, successful professionals head to Miami Beach for a ride like none other.

Episodes | Reign of the Bosses

Season 1

Episode 1

The setting. None other than Jackie Chan’s South Beach Mansion in Miami. The start? Instant chemistry and friendships, the magic is evident from the start, but do they know what lies ahead?

Episode 2

A Clear Leader. Blake is front and center instantly. His charm and intelligence make him stand out among the rest. He is easy to love, and we all want to be that guy. Don’t we?

Episode 3

A Rising Star. Danielle emerges as a favorite. Her ability to continually impress everyone she comes in contact with makes her a star. She’s got it all… the brains, the heart, the passion, and the beauty. Will she be the winner in the end?

Episode 4

A Force Beckons. Torin is a magnificent presence. He commands every space he enters and his rise into the being the lead is no surprise. He’s strong, bold and articulate. Will he dominate the competition? Maybe even the world?

Episode 5

The Shadow Organization. The time has come for the SO to arrive in Miami. Things are about to take a turn, decisions are coming.

Episode 6

A Blind Test. What happens when you take away one of your most valuable senses, the ability to see. Blindfolds come out and the journey starts.

Episode 7

A Road Block. An unexpected addition to the group. Enter, Jonathan. He’s Canadian, stylish and considered the best tech executive in North America, and his presence brings roadblocks at every corner for the players. Are they ready?

Episode 8

The Original Star. Blake was our first love, the first leader who rose up and took hold of our hearts. A true champion he persists and refuses to go down without a fight. He’s destined for greatness and he will pursue winning with every ounce of his being.

Episode 9

Time For A Toast. Glasses of champagne are poured. A guest arrives to meet with The Shadow Organization, but he’s not the only surprise... a discovery is made.

Episode 10

The Final Chapter. See how it all unfolds, who will take the title. All the cards on the table, all the effort done. This is the pinnacle of it all... the victories, the failures, the secrets it all culminates here.