Talent Attraction | The Masterclass (Educational Short)
LABOR DAY 2021 Talent Attraction | The Masterclass (Educational Short)
  • Season 1
  • 17+
  • Educational, Masterclass Short
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Join us for a masterclass in the most valuable asset that your business has - it’s people. Tips, best practices and strategic thinking take center stage as we dive into what it really takes to attract top talent.

Episodes | Talent Attraction, The Masterclass

Masterclass Cinematic Film

1. Short Film (10m)

Enter, Jennifer Hasche. Jennifer Hasche is one of the world’s top talent attraction executives. Watch this 10-minute masterclass worth over 2 million dollars worth of knowledge to learn how to scale, attract the best talent while scaling and how to build departments and functions to best support and leverage your recruitment and HR teams.