Talent Leaders featuring James Caan (Educational Micro-Series)
LABOR DAY 2021 Talent Leaders featuring James Caan (Educational Micro- Series)
  • Season 1
  • 17+
  • Educational Micro-Series
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James Caan, entrepreneur, investor and brilliant mind. James leads and mentors us all, the participants and the viewers, through a series around talent attraction, and what it takes to build a business.

Episodes | Talent Leaders featuring James Caan

Season 1

Episode 1

James Cann arrives on set in London. His passion and incredible presence are instantly felt and the journey begins.

Episode 2

Ann Swain, Global CEO of APSCo, joins James and the cast to give her insights into the recruitment space. Ann is an international icon, working internationally she brings a deep, diverse, and thoughtful approach to recruitment.

Episode 3

Matthew Jeffery, Vice President and Global Head of Employment Brand & Sourcing Channels at SAP and an award-winning recruitment professional, gives his take on what it takes to build a brand as an employer that properly supports your organizations strategic objectives.

Episode 4

Darren Ryemill, Founder of Opus Talent Solutions a multiple award-winning talent attraction and recruitment firm that continues to scale worldwide joins the conversation. Learn invaluable insights and recommendations from the $100 million dollar man.

Episode 5

The focus goes back to James as he continues to share his worldly experience and challenge the leaders to bring the best of themselves to the stage.

Episode 6

Bert Miller, CEO of MRINetwork, Protis Global and ace Talent Curators joins the conversation. Bert has built two successful talent attraction firms from the ground up and most recently acquired one of the largest recruitment organizations in the world MRINetwork. He’s spent decades building and advising the largest consumer brands in the world.

Episode 7

Caan dives deep into the impact social media and a connected world have on recruitment and how to properly engage and connect on a deep level with the right talent for your organization.

Episode 8

Darren Ryemill takes center stage once again and discusses the main reasons individuals continue to fail when it comes to their business.