The Retreat (Reality/Doc)
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LABOR DAY 2021 The Retreat (Reality/Doc)
  • Season 1
  • 17+
  • Reality/Doc, Drama
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Surrounded in a luxurious landscape a group of people take on every aspect of who they are, and we follow their journey inward as the masks come off. Watch teaser now.

Episodes | The Retreat

Season 1

Episode 1

Over 40 individuals arrive at an undisclosed location in the heart of France. The energy is palpable and the work begins with Glenn and Lisabel as they dive deep into their relationship. Follow their journey.

Episode 2

Candice is both a single mother and an extremely successful entrepreneur. But like most people, those adjectives will never suffice in showcasing the depth of a human. She yearns to connect with like-minded individuals and brilliant business minds. Is this work or play? Is this business only or will she open her heart to more? Follow her journey.

Episode 3

Sandra is a natural-born leader, the kind of person that draws you in and brings an energy that everyone wants to feel or be a part of. She is vibrant, passionate and above all full of honesty. Her candidness is appreciated and comes with a unique kindness and warmness that changes those around her. Follow her journey.

Episode 4

Ardent, that’s the kind love that David and Pola share. They are the quintessential work hard, play hard kind of people, with a desire for the best life has to offer. The Retreat brings them into a space that is slower, softer and takes them on a deep journey full of growth and an even deeper intimacy. Follow their journey.

Episode 5

Then there were four. Four individuals who stood out, who were driven by their impact on others. Who’s sheer presence permeated The Retreat and enhanced every person’s experience. Meet Tracey, Leslie, Dominey and Frank four humans who elevate everyone who interacts with them.

Episode 6

Everyone wants a second chance at something. Dive into the love and second go-around for David and Carol, a couple building a life and love of their choosing, both stemming from previous divorces they dive into themselves and their relationship. Follow their journey into building a love like no other, and getting their second chance.

Episode 7

Witness the unexpected journeys from a group of women at The Retreat. Introducing Chandra, Jo, Tracey, Dominey, Hetal, Leslie and many more.

Episode 8

We culminate Season 1 of The Retreat with a deeper insight into the humans who dove into themselves and allowed the rawness of every moment to be documented. Lives inextricably changed, The Retreat brings the magic of an experience that will forever change those who were a part of it, and you who followed their journeys and bared witness to every moment.