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LABOR DAY 2021 Top Recruiter
  • Season 1
  • 17+
  • Reality, Humor, Business
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The world’s most successful, competitive and ambitious recruiters under one roof. Business, competition, and a ton of laughs. Watch teaser now.

Episodes | Top Recruiter: Miami

Season 1

Episode 1

Meet Batsheva Chase. A fierce entrepreneur is known for her style, a wicked sense of humor and her innate ability to command a room.

Episode 2

You say snitch like it’s a bad thing. There’s no one quite like Alysse Metzler. She's an author and a snitch but don’t get it twisted, she’s one of the good guys. Her ability to pull people together for a common mission is like no other.

Episode 3

It’s not a party until you officially have a crasher. And not only do we have a crasher, we have an ex. Meet Andy aka Batsheva Chase’s ex-husband.

Episode 4

No competition would be complete without some unexpected turns. Our Host Renee Herlocker brings the fire and the challenge to these intense personalities. Will they rise to the occasion?

Episode 5

Everyone wants to be on top, but there can only be one number one. Who will Renee choose as her winner?

Episode 6

Oh you say you’re an influencer? Well prove it. The stakes are high as social media comes front and center for this round of the competition.

Episode 7

Once again it’s time to define a winner, and let the rest fall where they may. Things are heating up, but what competition would exist without a little fire? Who’s the flame master?

Episode 8

Uncensored and raw this episode lets the contestants let loose, what could possibly go wrong?

Episode 9

So you say you’re a sales badass. Let’s see it. Cold calling is one thing, getting a stranger to buy in is another. Who will rise to the occasion and who will fall behind?

Episode 10

Times up. The final has come, who will claim victory? Who will be the Top Recruiter?