Top Recruiter: Miami 2
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LABOR DAY 2021 Top Recruiter: Miami 2
  • Season 2
  • 17+
  • Reality, Humor, Business
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The world’s most successful, competitive and ambitious recruiters under one roof. Business, competition, and a ton of laughs. Watch now.

Episodes | Top Recruiter: Miami

Season 2

Episode 1

Guess who’s back? Batsheva can’t wait to compete, the added bonus of toying with the new cast mates doesn’t hurt either. As a veteran will she have an upper hand or will the prior knowledge skew her game?

Episode 2

Who better to talk competition than a professional athlete or a whole damn team. The Miami Dolphins join in on the fun!

Episode 3

The heat is rising and we’ve got someone that is hungry to win, meet Pola LoBello. Intelligent, driven and with a focus like none other. Will she reign in the end?

Episode 4

Meet the investors. Investors by their very nature are precise, intelligent and know exactly how to attract the right people. See them in action as they bring their skills to set.

Episode 5

You can’t call it a competition without a cut. Time to make some decisions.

Episode 6

The competition gets more intense. Everyone’s ambition is front and center, and sometimes that brings with it a heated debate. Will the debate turn hot or will it create the perfect canvas for some laughter?

Episode 7

An alumni joins the castmates are shaken. What is this their motive? Why are they here, and how will this impact the competition?

Episode 8

Oh you thought it was already heated? Wait until the castmates here the next challenge. Who can stand the fire?

Episode 9

Alex King is a force to be reckoned with. He knows business, and more so he knows how to scale. Who will Alex deem worthy?

Episode 10

What’s so funny? The challenge continues and the castmates are bringing every ounce of them to the competition. Bonds are forged, friendships are made and when that happens humor is never too far behind.

Episode 11

As bonds continue to grow and deepen some are left behind. Who is building a network and who is not?

Episode 12

Sales isn’t easy. Talent attraction isn’t easy. This is not for the faint of heart. Who’s got the skills and the charm to attract the best talent?

Episode 13

The strongest player in the game is evident, but will Mike take the title in the end? Never underestimate the competition, especially before the victory is won.

Episode 14

Miami is hot, sexy, glamorous and gritty. An international city full of diverse thought and a culture like no other, and sometimes you get to capture the best of it on camera. Get inside look at why Miami is such an iconic place.

Episode 15

Building a brand takes a unique set of skills, part science and part art. Watch the contestants as they build a swimwear line.

Episode 16

Miami Dolphins. Miami Dolphins. Miami Dolphins #1. Can Marino comeback for christ sake?!

Episode 17

Our veteran Betshava never disappoints, nor does her wicked sense of humor.

Episode 18

The end arrives and tensions and passions are high, who will be season 2’s winner. Who will claim the title, Top Recruiter.

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Business TV Shows, Humor, Reality Competition

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Light Hearted, Fun, Sexy, Cool


  • Alex King
  • Batsheva Chase
  • Pola Lobello
  • Keith Potts
  • Esranur Kaygin
  • Jer Langahns
  • Mike Gutowski
  • Yvonne Wu
  • Theo Rokos
  • Alysse Metzler
  • Josh Schwede
  • Erin Jacobs
  • Scott Sessions
  • Rayanne Thorn
  • Mory LaVoie
  • Chris LaVoie