Top Recruiter: Miami 3
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LABOR DAY 2021 Top Recruiter: Miami 3
  • Season 3
  • 17+
  • Reality, Humor, Business
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The world’s most successful, competitive and ambitious recruiters under one roof. Business, competition, and a ton of laughs. Watch teaser now.

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Episodes | Top Recruiter: Miami

Season 3

Episode 1

We welcome a whole new cast for season three. A group of clever and incredibly focused individuals, are they ready? Or is the question more: are we say are we ready?

Episode 2

Why start slow when you can pack a punch from the start. Enter Darren a Stanford Business Alumni who shakes everyone up from the start. What’s he bringing to the competition that has everyone riled up?

Episode 3

A VIP Miami Beach Gala, a secret challenge with 50 judges that no one is aware is happening. Who will impress?

Episode 4

Nicole Mistress joins the contestants, and the heat follows.

Episode 5

A whole new cast, but there’s always that one veteran who can’t stay away, and let’s be honest, we don’t want her to. Batsheva is back!

Episode 6

The judges reveal their votes.

Episode 7

Pola LoBello brings the fire and ice for this season. Watch out Miami. Will she take the title?

Episode 8

In a city known for it’s hedonistic nature, bubbles are never too far away. The champagne flows and a shock hits the house.

Episode 9

The shock leave ripple effects throughout the house, and colors show. How will the contestants react to a twist they didn’t see coming? Who will rise to the occasion and who will flounder?

Episode 10

Well if the champagne didn’t help matters, maybe this time we will try the whiskey. Will Thompson ranked as a Top 50 Recruiter Globally joins the contestants. Cheers!

Episode 11

Emotions are high, the competition is heated and people have forged strong relationships. The energy shifts a bit and laughter is around every corner.

Episode 12

The end has come. Who will take the title as Top Recruiter?