The Most Important Human in the business of talent
LABOR DAY 2021 Talent Leaders featuring James Caan (Educational Micro- Series)
  • Season 1
  • 17+
  • Educational Micro-Series
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He’s vulnerable, brilliant, and poignant in his ability to relay deep insights into a realm most only garner a superficial understanding of - watch Torin Ellis share everything he knows about DEI.

Episodes | The Most Important Human in the business of talent

Season 1

Episode 1

You have to understand where it starts. Everyone has a start, an origin, a place where it all began ... knowing and sharing your story creates a connection. Connection creates empathy and that is a great foundation for beginning the process of understanding. Torin steps front and center to in episode one vulnerably and impeccably sharing his story.

Episode 2

Opportunity. We all want it, but when it comes, do you recognize it? Will you be prepared? Will you seize it? And if you do, what will you do with it? Do you give opportunity as much as you search for it? Torin dives into what opportunity really is and what it means when you want to achieve true DEI.

Episode 3

Torin is a force. He is smart, unwavering in his passion for DEI and masterful in his ability to communicate even when the pressure is on. Watch one of the most powerful moments of the series is unveiled.

Episode 4

Enter a global audience. Torin expands his reach and brings his message to Europe.

Episode 5

A masterful communicator Torin emphasizes the value of a story, and dives into how to tell stories to propel the right message. Sharing how to connect, enable growth and build an organization by learning the art of storytelling.

Episode 6

Torin can command a room with ease. He is strong-willed, brilliant in his ability to communicate and also rarely a big smiler. In this episode we get to see a softer side of Torin, he’s all smiles and it’s contagious.

Episode 7

Inspiring, pivotal, and incredibly profound - just some of the ways to describe Torin’s performance in this episode as he delivers a speech like none other to an audience filled with the brilliance and elegance of Baroness Karen Brady, James Caan, and Chris LaVoie at the renowned Painted Hall in London.

Episode 8

Our final episode is filled with a ton of surprises. Get ready for a must watch and powerful closing to the series.