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  • Season 1
  • 17+
  • Reality, Drama, Business
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UKʼs Celebrity Business Moguls, Baroness Karren Brady (The Apprentice UK TV Series) & James Caan (Dragonsʼ Den UK TV Series) judge a business competition unlike any other, watch now!

Episodes | VS.

Season 1

Episode 1

Baroness Karren Brady kicks off the competition. She expands on what she believes true leadership is defined by and challenges the group to be inspired by it.

Episode 2

It’s time to pitch. The group is required to step front and center and deliver their pitch. What ideas will aspire enough? Who will own the moment? Did they rise to the challenge or succumb to the pressure?

Episode 3

The first cut must be made. The judges dissect the pitches and make decisions that will impact every person.

Episode 4

Executive Producer, Chris LaVoie makes an appearance and sits down behind the scenes with James Caan. James gets candid and shares his thoughts on the entrepreneurs and the ideas that drive them.

Episode 5

Torin Ellis sits with the teams and gives them invaluable insight and advice on what to expect as the competition intensifies. Torin bold as ever gives them a no BS look into what it takes to rise to the top while providing supportive feedback that inspires every entrepreneur he comes in contact with.

Episode 6

It’s time to make cuts once again. Did they head Torin’s insights? Who will rise and who will fall?

Episode 7

The intensity of the last few days has hit everyone, and a little reprieve is needed. The teams are granted time off from competing. A light energy brings banter, bonding, and humor to the set

Episode 8

We reach the final pitch. Emotions are running high and everyone’s ideas are on the table. The pitch-off is intense and there will only be one winner when it’s done.